Cooperatives in General

7 Cooperative Principles

  • First Principle: Voluntary and Open Membership (All Welcome - no pressure)
  • Second principle: Democratic Member Control (One member = one vote)
  • Third principle: Member Economic Participation (No free rides)
  • Fourth principle: Autonomy and Independence (Self-control, no parents)
  • Fifth principle: Education, Training, and Information (Share, Learn, Grow)
  • Sixth Principle: Cooperation among Cooperatives (Together Everyone Achieves More)
  • Seventh Principle: Concern for Community (Building strong communities)

The Meaning of the 7 Colors of the Rainbow Flag

  • RED represents the courage to stand together
  • ORANGE represents the hope for the future
  • YELLOW represents warmth, friendship and concern for others
  • GREEN represents growth in co-operatives and individually, as we learn more about ourselves and others
  • SKY BLUE represents unlimited horizons and possibilities
  • DARK BLUE represents hard work and perseverance... the challenge to achieve our goals of harmony, equality and economic efficiency
  • VIOLET represents respect for others

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